Best Will in the World Week 2013

Best Will in the World Week 2013

 The dates for this year’s Best Will in the World Week are Monday 21st to Friday 25th October. For more details see . Here is an extract from their website giving general information. I will publish the specific details of our offers on fees for Wills shortly:-

“Best Will in the World Week is an initiative run by Mylegacy* which takes place every October to highlight the importance of leaving a gift in your will and the difference a gift in your will to a charity can make.

During Best Will in the World Week, solicitors across the country offer will consultations for a fee of €50. People interested in making their will, or updating an existing will, are asked to consider leaving a gift to their favourite charity once loved ones have been taken care of.

Speaking about Best Will in the World Week, Susan O’Dwyer, Chairperson, MyLegacy and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation said, “Not having a will can have serious consequences for your family after you are gone. In the absence of a will, there can be bitter legal disputes and the possibility of the State having to make decisions regarding the distribution of your property and assets and we all want to avoid that. So during our Best Will in the World Week gives people the opportunity to make a will or update an existing will and consider leaving a gift to charity.”

*MyLegacy was established in 2003 and is a partnership between Ireland’s leading charities. Good causes that have come together to help kind and thoughtful people to make their mark on the world by leaving a legacy to their favourite charity

MyLegacy provides unbiased, useful information to individuals, charities and solicitors about leaving legacies to charities. We work to promote legacy giving and give donors, solicitors and charities the information they need to make it happen.”

Shane Dowling is Principal of Direct Law, Solicitors in Skerries, with offices in Swords. We offer specialized services in the area of advice and guidance in drawing up Wills, and administration of estates.

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